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Simpler, higher-quality coverage and care for the next generation of America’s seniors.

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Krista Hoglund, ACHP Board Member and CEO of Security Health Plan, testifies before the
Senate Finance Committee.


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What the experts are saying about MA for Tomorrow

“ACHPs MA for Tomorrow includes so many advanced and sophisticated MA reforms. The tiered coding intensity adjustment is the perfect example and is a much more thoughtful and surgical approach that would still extract savings out of the program but not penalize all plans equally. The quality and benchmark reforms touted are equally as nuanced. As Congress increasingly considers MA reform, MA for Tomorrow serves as a blueprint for policymakers looking to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program.”

Grace Totman


MA for Tomorrow is a well-timed and exciting step towards expanding access to virtual first care for seniors. When it comes to MA network composition, it is essential for the MA program to evolve to embrace the digital era of health care. MA for Tomorrow lays that groundwork.”

Jennifer Goldsack, MChem, MA, MBA, OLY
Chief Executive Officer
Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

“We support ACHP’s MA for Tomorrow‘s five pillars for improving the MA program consistent with the principles and criteria of the Better Care Plan for continuously improving the quality of American health care.”

Better Healthcare Policy Group

“ACHP’s MA for Tomorrow initiative is a greatly needed and well timed approach to advancing the best aspects of Medicare Advantage while proposing ways to update critical parts of the program and correct some of its vulnerabilities. America’s senior citizens will be better off if this initiative succeeds. It must be broadly supported.“

Francis J. Crosson, M.D.
Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine
Former Chair, Congressional Medicare Advisory Commission (MedPAC)

“ACHP’s MA for Tomorrow initiative tackles the major challenges facing the program in the future. I particularly support shifting the quality focus to meaningful outcomes measures that make a difference in the health of Medicare beneficiaries.“

Sean Cavanaugh
Chief Policy Officer, Aledade, Inc.
Former Deputy Administrator and Director, Center for Medicare, CMS

“MA for Tomorrow is a thoughtful approach – relying on insights and expertise from ACHP members and thought leaders across the nation – to think about what will be best for this vital program moving forward.
Medicare Advantage is an important source of coverage for more than half of Medicare enrollees, and its popularity and satisfaction scores show it provides high-quality, value-based care to seniors across the country. It is incumbent upon policymakers, health plans and providers to constantly find innovative ways to improve the program so it continues meeting seniors’ needs.”

Susan L. Turney, MD
Former Chief Executive Officer
Marshfield Clinic Health System

“MA for Tomorrow takes a truly person-centered view of what’s needed for effective and equitable oversight of the MA program. With these proposals, quality ratings and public information will reflect the patient experience, and financial incentives will better align with high quality care delivery, particularly for those beneficiaries living with serious illness.”

Brynn Bowman, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Center to Advance Palliative Care

“ACHP and its members are on the right track. Sharing insights and data with CMS and the appropriate measure stewards as to topped out measures is critically important to evolve the Star Ratings Program. Equally as important, is identifying new measure concepts that can be developed in a streamlined process, that moves the program to incorporate outcomes measures, driving higher quality and a stronger patient experience for the seniors being served through MA.”

Laura Cranston
Founder and CEO Emeritus
Pharmacy Quality Alliance

Our 5 Pillars

MA for Tomorrow is built on five key policy pillars.

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